Antique Chandeliers

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Norfolk Decorative Antiques stock genuine beautiful Antique Chandeliers. These include Antique French Chandeliers, Antique Italian Chandeliers, Dutch Style Chandeliers as well as crystal, gilt metal, beaded glass, bronze and iron Chandeliers. We restore each Antique Chandelier at our professional workshops in Norfolk, UK.

Antique chandelier circa 1840

Code: 2054136
(approx $14786) 
H: 180cm (70.87in) W: 97cm (38.19in)

Antique chandelier circa 1900 in the Liege style

Code: 47621344
(approx $9250) 
H: 145cm (57.09in) W: 102cm (40.16in)

Antique chandelier , Murano circa 1820

Code: 5887620
in region of £4800.00
(approx $6481) 
H: 116cm (45.67in) W: 80cm (31.50in)

Large chalet style antique chandelier

Code: 4836546
(approx $5739) 
H: 120cm (47.24in) W: 95cm (37.40in)

Large and fabulous Italian crystal hanging light

Code: 60551900
H: 130cm (51.18in) W: 70cm (27.56in)

Fabulous Napoleon 111 antique chandelier

Code: 53621378
H: 120cm (47.24in) W: 75cm (29.53in)

Antique French giltwood chandelier

Code: 62401095
(approx $5199) 
H: 98cm (38.58in) W: 85cm (33.46in)

Elegant 1930s crystal beaded chandelier

Code: 6148836
(approx $4524) 
H: 97cm (38.19in) W: 65cm (25.59in)

Regency style antique chandelier

Code: 58881100
H: 100cm (39.37in) W: 79cm (31.10in)

Italian beaded chandelier with cut glass drops

Code: 62711000
(approx $3983) 
H: 106cm (41.73in) W: 80cm (31.50in)

Gilt metal and crystal Baltic antique chandelier

Code: 6099416
H: 82cm (32.28in) W: 80cm (31.50in)

Italian cut glass fairy tale chandelier

Code: 6229428
H: 106cm (41.73in) W: 85cm (33.46in)

Wide Bagues style antique chandelier with cut glass decoration

Code: 6239917
(approx $3774) 
H: 62cm (24.41in) W: 80cm (31.50in)

Impressive Murano mid century chandelier

Code: 5610664
(approx $3713) 
H: 110cm (43.31in) W: 95cm (37.40in)

Impressive large pair of painted iron antique chandeliers

Code: 4474588
£1850.00 pair
(approx $2498) 
H: 143cm (56.30in) W: 117cm (46.06in)

Perfect pair of Kinkeldey chandeliers

Code: 6082375
H: 32cm (12.60in) W: 60cm (23.62in)

Pretty crystal French antique chandelier

Code: 6179555
H: 88cm (34.65in) W: 78cm (30.71in)

Bohemian crystal chandelier mid 20th C

Code: 5616541
(approx $2228) 
H: 109cm (42.91in) W: 80cm (31.50in)

Fabulous glass cased French antique chandelier

Code: 6170688
H: 100cm (39.37in) W: 55cm (21.65in)

Elegant grey and white Alabaster plafonnier

Code: 6146503
(approx $2154) 
H: 100cm (39.37in) W: 50cm (19.69in)

Baltic cut glass chandelier

Code: 5504400
(approx $1958) 
H: 82cm (32.28in) W: 62cm (24.41in)