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International Shipping

We ship Internationally

Below are some of the carriers we use. For more information about shipping to your country please contact us. ( US and Australia)

Stephen Ryall  ( Europe)

UK Carriers

UK shipping  rates dependent on postal code


We do not currently ship to Ireland unless by Fed EX  or by a  pallet service.

European Carriers

USA & other countries

USA rates for  air freight or sea freight of individual items are high  especially if the item needs hard crating  .

Please ask for a quote , we can always provide the best options and the cheapest safest way to transport your stock

We have been shipping fragile stock worldwide for 15 years and use all of the above shippers from time to time.

Please note when shipping glass items to Asia or USA  hard crating has to be used .  Since Covid and Brexit  costs are  much higher   and can sometimes exceed the cost of the item   especially where the destination is not near a Fed ex hub  and  long trucking is required  .

If you are a private client in the US  please make sure that you understand  the costs of air freighting chandeliers / lanterns  across the Altantic  .  Shippers are busy and it is unfair to waste their time on  quotations which are never going to be  accepted .   It is not the fault of the shippers  - market forces are currently keeping rates high . All products with glass must be hard crated -  this adds to the cost and weight  .

It is not in our company interest to turn down business from   the rest of the world and we are trying our very best  to get  quotes which are  reasonable  .

Please do not enquire about a shipping quote without giving a zip code and be prepared for a medium sized glass lantern to be at least £500-£800 

International Shipping