Superb traditional birdcage French antique chandelier

Superb traditional birdcage French antique chandelier

Code: 8953459
Width: 65cm (25.6")Height: 114cm (44.9")
£3550.00 / $4246

Wonderful traditional French birdcage chandelier with fire polished glass flats  of exceptional quality and glass spheres to match  complete with cut glass spikes and turrets to  reflect the light  this chandelier is  really lovely in the flesh - please use the magnifyer .

 This is a chandelier for a country house  perhaps a  formal dining room , there is a lot of glass to reflect light and the gilded brass frame is substantial  -6 light points wired with long  French electric candles for E10 candle bulbs - lovely glass base and  top  balls and  internal  vases in  high lead content cut glass . Hard to photograph - please visit to see this item  if possible .

This chandelier will need crating for delivery  at a small additional cost .

Weight  15 KGs

Bulbs SES E10

 Flex and chain 2 metre

 Complimentary ceiling plate