For us - lighting dealers and restorers, this was a bit of a project, we found these clocks on a recent buying trip when stopping off at a Depot Vente accompanied by all our `friends in the trade `we` spied these clocks  and bought them. This attracted much leg pulling from the van mates, but we knew that Maurice would probably be able to restore them.
After taking them to bits we then had to send to America for internal working parts for the slave mechanisms and get glass cut for one of them for the front part.
Maurice spent about three days fiddling with these and reading stuff on the internet which no one else understood, we finally managed to fit the glass back into both of them (no easy task) and get them up on the wall to photograph.
We had to stop the pendulums swinging for the pictures.
If not sold these will be at the Decorative Fair 29th April to 4th May