Restoration project - Antique Chandelier from frame to fairy tale

About 3 or 4 yrs ago we bought the frame and the glass (in a separate box) for this very large 1840s antique chandelier in Lyon area on one of our buying trips.

For the next few yrs it lay unloved and un-restored in our stores, occasionally seeing the light of day and then with a sigh being put back again because it was such a huge project. Eventually we sent the shades to Nicky Petchy in Sussex to be relined and trimmed in grey silk. The Decorative Fair theme for April is passementerie - we thought the chandelier would look amazing as part of the foyer display. 

Its restoration took three weeks and now it is one of the most beautiful items we have  and the most expensive!!! Restoring antique chandeliers takes time skill and above all patience, each piece of glass has to be cleaned, each pin replaced and aged, the frame straightened and measured to make sure it all fits, the wiring and the candle tubes discussed etc, etc. Not easy to photograph but rather a triumph in the end.