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Pair country house engravings by Alfred Johannot

£850.00 PAIR Approx $1073.23

Code: 1429286


W: 127cm (50")H: 96cm (37.8")D: 4.5cm (1.8")

Magnificient pair of  engravings  done in 1831 by the engraver Alfred Johannot  ( 1800-1837 )  A French painter  and engraver born in Offenbach Germany  . His family were French refugees who went to Germany after the Edict of Nantes was revoked  , his work was collected by Louis Philippe 1 and displayed in the Palace of Versaille . Both of these engravings are  good country house size  perfect for an impressive entrance hall -  the clarity is  wonderful and the original glass ripples in the light ( hard to photograph )   great space fillers .  The frames are scrumbled in original paint and waxed over .  Impressive in the flesh  beautifully executed and-- owned by us since 2009  !! retrieved from the stores  to photograph  , untouched except for a dust over . Please use the  enlarger on the website when looking at these and check out our instagram feed  @norfolkdecorative

  The arrest of  Du M de Crespierre  dated 1831  and  the assiination of Duc de Guise  ( originally painted by Paul Delaroche )