Outdoor Lighting and Industrial

Our stock of Industrial and Outdoor Lighting looks beautiful both outdoors and indoors. These include English, French and Italian Lighting as well as many others

Set of 8 Raak etched glass bracket lights

Code: 548472/8
£1955.00 set of 8
(approx $2640) 
H: 45cm (17.72in) W: 13cm (5.12in) D: 19cm (7.48in)

Pair of painted wrought iron outside lanterns

Code: 6283321
£1695.00 pair
(approx $2289) 
H: 68cm (26.77in) W: 38cm (14.96in) D: 30cm (11.81in)

Italian Colonnade lantern

Code: 5639550
(approx $1958) 
H: 90cm (35.43in) W: 52cm (20.47in)

Set of 3 opaline glass cage lights

Code: 461967/462767
H: 50cm (19.69in) W: 33cm (12.99in)