Murano Lighting

On the Palazzio Giustianian is the Museum of glass for dealers and connoisseurs of antique lighting,  antique mirrors and glass -- its a must see.

We spent a very enjoyable afternoon there with Alison and Alan (On-reflection Mirrors) about two yrs ago on an Italian buying trip and plan another visit 2013 during the Venice Biennale.

Murano glass comes in all sorts of forms and a great deal these days which is passed off as authentic is actually made in the Far East and is sold to tourists.

There are various techniques which are easy to identify if you visit the Museum and some of the factories which we all know the names of - Salviati, Barovier, Venini are still working today, they have all undergone changes and  factories make for each other under licence. It is almost impossible to penetrate the culture of the touts and salesmen who will whisk you off to see `the real thing`. The best old Murano glass comes up in auctions and reputable dealers premises across Europe, but Murano itself is lovely and, worth a vist.