Perched on the edge of Margate jetty with direct access to the sea The new Turner gallery is a fantastic space , designed by David Chipperfield it completely mirrors the colour of the sea and sky, Margate where i grew up in the `50s and 60`s has undergone a bit of a renaissance , the old town is edgy and full of great small businesses and pubs and cafes , right up my street and well worth a visit
 Fontaine have their warehouse just behind this,  in an old building recently renovated to a very high standard in St Johns Street.   Kiel  and Stuart are amazingly talented and the place is stuffed with things to die for - get on a train and go there.  You can visit the new Turner gallery have an ice cream in Morellis and shop at Fontaine and all the other small gallerys bookshops and cafes in the area.   A lot of very committed and interesting people are working hard for the regeneration of Margate , we wish them well.