Large Antique Chandeliers - part of our Antique Lighting Range

We have several large antique chandeliers  within our antique lighting range which are  near  or over 120 cms drop . These are  great for  grand stairwells and large hallways creating a focal point above head height and bringing in a wow factor to a very high ceiling .  They are of course more expensive than the smaller ones  but will hold their price  at auction .  One of the largest we have was added today and is certainly a stunner , check it out  on our website  , antique chandeliers .  

 Large chandeliers require expert fitting and we do recommend are wonderful fitting  company ( email us for details )  we have used them for years and  they do fit all sorts of chandeliers , like wise cleaning  which needs to be done by experts .

 Before buying a large chandelier its important to  know your ceiling height and where your joists are  and if  the stairwell is  accessible  for a tower .

Chandeliers of this size come in large wooden frames so please check on door widths  as well .