Battersea Decorative Fair opens on Tuesday 22nd January at noon and runs  till Sunday 27th January at 6p.m  for opening times please see here
This is without a doubt the best and most successful antiques fair ( with a difference) in London, if you go  it will be an experience, and your imagination will be stirred,  this is an unfussy informal and  hugely enjoyable fair for both exhibitors and clients , long the favourite of the interiors trade it is also patronised by a lot of starry showbiz types , so you might see a dragon or two ,  TV stars and some international stars as well, but mostly its about the show and the stuff which  dealers have spent a long time looking for , buying and then presenting in the best possible way to  show how good it can  look with everything else they have on display.
Good food, good wine and good stock !  tickets from us are free if you email in.