Fairy tale Italian beaded antique chandelier

Fairy tale Italian beaded antique chandelier

Code: 9287741
Width: 65cm (25.6")Height: 120cm (47.2")
£3950.00 / $4725

Wonderful  statement  'fairy tale' beaded antique chandelier with 10 light points around the circle and one light point at the top to light the canopy . This chandelier has lovely old grey tinged beads and  fire polished  glass flats to reflect light - it needs a large  open space and is the type of pendant  for an entrance or for a grand dining room with a ceiling in excess of 12 ft (3.6 m )  . This chandelier will require crating for delivery at a small additional cost . Italian circa 1920 .

Wired for SESE14 small capsule dimmable  and one E14 at the top

 Weight is 10.5 Kgs

 Metre of chain and flex

 Complimentary ceiling plate