Fabulous antique chandeliers

  Some names are well known in the  chandelier 'world'   Parker and Perry ( later Perry and Co) unfortunately no relation to us  !!   workng in the 1780s to 1930s  and making their name by supplying the Prince Regent and other notables and for their use of plain cut arms after 1788 .   These chandeliers are now priceless and although sometimes parts of them come up at auction generally heavy restoration and renewal is required involving  new  parts . This is well understood by the trade and by clients , it is not possible that  such delicate items would survive intact for 250 yrs .

Other well known names include Osler  who made the giant crystal fountain for the 1851 Hyde Park exhibition, Lobmeyer  in Austria  , Bagues in Paris who are still making chandeliers today .    None of these make anything which  can be   remotely described as  ugly or out of proportion or  out of context . Buying a beautiful antique chandelier is something which  will  make your heart sing and you will always be glad you did because it will enhance any interior  . Norfolk Decorative Antiques  do not  sell many of the above  ( the occasional Osler  and Bagues are on our archive lists ) but we do try to buy the most beautiful and useful items we can  and we always ensure that they are  rewired and tested and  have acres of old crystal to replace missing parts .

The picture show a selection of   items , some in stately homes and   castles  which we can all go and  see and dream .