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Elegant slim framed  tapered  hall lantern

Elegant slim framed tapered hall lantern

Code: 9659675


W: 42cm (16.5")H: 81cm (31.9")


Elegant slim framed tapered hall lantern which is approx 40 cms wide at the widest point and 25 cms at the narrowest  base point with original glass panels and opening door   painted grey/green and with waxed rust type finish to the  frame and base simiar to our NDA Made   waxed rust country kitchen lanterns  - rewired with a three branch electrical cradle for SES E14 dimmable LEDs

 This lantern is a lovely shape   has probably colonial origins circa 1950  and  is suitable for  hallways ,landings and lobbys , we  advise not for outside use

  Weight approx 8 kilos

 Will be rewired inclusive

Please note  that due to the technical nature of our stock all items are double checked prior to leaving the warehouse ,  quite often we do not  complete  the rewire process until an item is sold because style requirements vary  . Some stock goes to the US and other  countries where voltages are different .

All electrical  items  hold a PAT test certificate .

Lead time for delivery therefore is  generally 2-3 weeks from  receipt of funds  and may be a little less to London where we deliver weekly .