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Large  crystal ceiling pendant

Large crystal ceiling pendant

Code: 9483630


W: 80cm (31.5")H: 60cm (23.6")


A very large pendant or ceiling light  80 cms dia  - this one is flexible   it can be hung as it is   with the spindle at 60 cms and the crystal part of the pendant  measuring approx 30 cms including the brass circle  or we can shorten the spindle  so it hangs closer to the ceiling ( please discuss with us  )

Italian circa 1950  with 10 internal light points and one in the base  which also could be substituted for a base ball depending on requirements

 Stunning  embossed brass work with a lovely patina , it is a light for a grand entrance hall in a town house  or perhaps  a country house party room . .

Not yet wired - we will do this to specifications  when sold  but  the cost is included .