Change of Domain name

Antique dealers who sell on line are always trying to climb the google rankings, with this in mind we recently purchased a new domain name to add to our  stable of domains which relate to our business. did not come cheap and was  the subject of much negotiation between us and ph9  who did a great deal to help this process- and the internet seller, eventually we achieved a price and now its linked to our previous domains  which have google history. Just one part of selling which we have to master these days

Good stock always sells no matter what you do but finding it is time consuming, costly and increasingly  we have to broaden the field and the countries in which we buy.  This means spending more time away from the workshop and employing more staff to make up the time restoring what we have bought.

The world of Antiques is  still a crazy place, full of odd balls,  some very well educated and intelligent people  who dont want to fit into a corporate world , it suits us here just fine,  latest stock of Antique lighting  and  coutry house furniture can be found on New Arrivals