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Spectacular large crystal chandelier with 18 lightpoints

Price: £3695.00 (approx $5057) 
Dimensions: W 120cm (47.2")   H 125cm (49.2")


A very spectacular gilded brass tent format chandelier with 18 internal light points ,  which illuminate the entire structure top to bottom , a very attactive patina to the brass frame and the top corona of leaves . Circa 1930  this chandelier needs a big space  and a high ceiling , its width will fill a void or a cuppola  .  We also  have  a similar smaller version also  yet to be  wired . The octagon stringing on this chandelier is of the highest quality ,providing a very sparkly experience when lit ( we suggest a dimmer ) . Probably Austrian .

This chandelier will required a crate  of  larger proportions than usual  and although crates can be  adusted it would be advisable to check door widths .

 Weight  45 kilos

 Bulbs BC ( 18)

Chain and ceiling plate provided