What we need is at least two more stands and an army of helpers with dispassionate views on how the stock should look.
 Problem - Big chandeliers only look good at the back of the stand
 Problem - if you hang smaller lights in front of them they cant  be seen
 Problem  - if you hang a mirror ( and want to sell it) you cant hang a  light in front of it
 Problem -  lanterns only look good at the back of the stand
Problem - with one back wall and two panels , where do the wall lights go

How do you get a quart in a pint pot and make it look amazing????

As my friend Alison from On- Reflection Mirrors put it  ` my mind is a raging torrent `  

pics are of previous fairs  both for the Decorative Collective and Norfolk Decorative Antiques stands and preparations

We look forward to seeing all our customers and our colleagues. January 18th to 23rd.