Antique Tables, Storage and Desks

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Beautiful Antique Tables, Antique Desks and Antique Drawers. We sell quite a few glass antique coffee and side tables as well as wooden and iron items

French Empire flame mahogany console

Code: 5625247
(approx $3848) 
H: 92cm (36.22in) W: 130cm (51.18in) D: 52cm (20.47in)

Stylish French two tier table

Code: 6077360
H: 37cm (14.57in) W: 130cm (51.18in) D: 70cm (27.56in)

Elegant French Art Nouveau oak writing table

Code: 6004663
(approx $2228) 
H: 76cm (29.92in) W: 148cm (58.27in) D: 79cm (31.10in)

Nickel and brass two tier coffee table

Code: 5435244
(approx $1958) 
H: 42cm (16.54in) W: 110cm (43.31in) D: 110cm (43.31in)

Maison Jansen coffee table

Code: 6050442
(approx $1958) 
H: 41cm (16.14in) W: 138cm (54.33in) D: 68cm (26.77in)

Substantial brass square two tier coffee table

Code: 6075360
(approx $1884) 
H: 44cm (17.32in) W: 114cm (44.88in) D: 114cm (44.88in)

Pair of glass two tier side tables

Code: 6156473
£1295.00 pair
(approx $1749) 
H: 60cm (23.62in) W: 50cm (19.69in) D: 35cm (13.78in)

Large nickel two tier coffee table

Code: 5435244
(approx $1688) 
H: 40cm (15.75in) W: 137cm (53.94in) D: 69cm (27.17in)

Elegant gilded brass bamboo side or centre table

Code: 5128290
(approx $1209) 
H: 55cm (21.65in) W: 60cm (23.62in) D: 60cm (23.62in)

Pair of leather topped 20th C side tables

Code: 6059450
H: 64cm (25.20in) W: 39cm (15.35in) D: 39cm (15.35in)

Alfred Cox for Heals, satin walnut dressing table

Code: 5891245
(approx $1209) 
H: 71cm (27.95in) W: 153cm (60.24in) D: 43cm (16.93in)

Smart pair of side/ lamp tables

Code: 6101333
(approx $1209) 
H: 42cm (16.54in) W: 55cm (21.65in) D: 55cm (21.65in)

Lucite and brass table by Pierre Vandel

Code: 6234428
(approx $1209) 
H: 40cm (15.75in) W: 110cm (43.31in) D: 58cm (22.83in)

Pineapple side table

Code: 6083350
H: 60cm (23.62in) W: 60cm (23.62in)

Piere Vandel two tier table

(approx $1013) 
H: 43cm (16.93in) W: 125cm (49.21in) D: 75cm (29.53in)

19th C French ladies work table

Code: 4436220
H: 75cm (29.53in) W: 40cm (15.75in) D: 40cm (15.75in)

Set of 19th C haberdashers shelves

Code: 4944475
(approx $938) 
H: 220cm (86.61in) W: 84cm (33.07in) D: 46cm (18.11in)

Eglomise glass 1950s coffee table

Code: 6078360
(approx $938) 
H: 45cm (17.72in) W: 101cm (39.76in) D: 47cm (18.50in)

Art Nouveau galleried flame mahogany table

Code: 5656250
(approx $938) 
H: 76cm (29.92in) W: 90cm (35.43in) D: 86cm (33.86in)

Nickel and brass two tier coffee table

Code: 5475187
(approx $918) 
H: 40cm (15.75in) W: 108cm (42.52in) D: 48cm (18.90in)

Pair nickel and brass side tables

Code: 5616250
(approx $911) 
H: 41cm (16.14in) W: 50cm (19.69in) D: 50cm (19.69in)