Antique Table Lamps

Antique Table Lamps ideal for tables, desks, sideboards and placed on other items of antique furniture such as those also found on our website.

Wonderful pair of Alabaster pineapple lamps

Code: 6103377
H: 64cm (25.20in) W: 28cm (11.02in)

Set of 3 ribbed brass saucer lamps

Code: 6140140
H: 50cm (19.69in) W: 16cm (6.30in)

Pair of cannister lamps

Code: 5674320
H: 60cm (23.62in) W: 20cm (7.87in)

Pair of French silver plated tall bedside lamps

Code: 601958/602058
H: 73cm (28.74in) W: 15cm (5.91in)

Large adjustable height silver plated table lamp

Code: 4521219
£650.00 £595.00 shade additional cost
(approx $878) 
H: 83cm (32.68in) W: 25cm (9.84in)

Near pair of silver plate bedside lamps

Code: 601658/601758
(approx $803) 
H: 61cm (24.02in) W: 13cm (5.12in) D: 13cm (5.12in)

Near pair of silver plate bedside lamps (2)

Code: 5991133
H: 60cm (23.62in) W: 13cm (5.12in) D: 13cm (5.12in)

Pair of walnut french table lamps

Code: 5165109
£550.00 pair
(approx $743) 
H: 61cm (24.02in) W: 15cm (5.91in) D: 15cm (5.91in)

Pair of French balustrade lamps

Code: 322024
£495.00 pair
(approx $668) 
H: 113cm (44.49in) W: 35cm (13.78in)

Pair of bedside iron lamps with original half shades

Code: 6260115
H: 53cm (20.87in) W: 17cm (6.69in)

Large silver plated table lamp

Code: 5568132
£475.00 ex shade
(approx $641) 
H: 78cm (30.71in) W: 18cm (7.09in)

Unusual mid century brass table lamp

Code: 6182150
(approx $608) 
H: 61cm (24.02in) W: 30cm (11.81in)

Single silver plated lamp and shade

Code: 5389125
£425.00 inc shade
(approx $574) 
H: 60cm (23.62in) W: 18cm (7.09in)

English Silver plated corinthian column table lamp

Code: 4542160
£395.00 shade additional cost
(approx $533) 
H: 96cm (37.80in) W: 17cm (6.69in) D: 17cm (6.69in)

Articulated nickel desk lamps

Code: 553760/553860
£395.00 Each
(approx $533) 
H: 39cm (15.35in) W: 44cm (17.32in)

Trio of similar silver 1950s table lamps

Code: 602458/603258/60225
from £395.00 inc shades
(approx $533) 

Triangular base table lamp

Code: 5899133
£395.00 inc shade
(approx $533) 
H: 63cm (24.80in) W: 17cm (6.69in)

English adjustable brass desk lamp

Code: 611185
(approx $404) 
H: 62cm (24.41in) W: 16cm (6.30in)

Anglepoise lamp

Code: 403167
(approx $398) 
H: 50cm (19.69in) W: 15cm (5.91in)

English brass shell lamp

Code: 611285
(approx $385) 
H: 62cm (24.41in) W: 13cm (5.12in)

Early 1920s desk lamp

Code: 611485
(approx $331) 
H: 48cm (18.90in) W: 14cm (5.51in)