Antique street lighting - childhood memories

 I was born in 1948  and as a small child I remember in Westgate on Sea where I grew up each evening on the Canterbury Road where we lived the lamplighter came and lit the lights.  This was  late for gas street lighting and pretty soon in the early 1950s  they were changed to Sodium Lights which gave a horrible yellow glow .

 We now see a proliferation of ancient street lighting --- Parkinsons lanterns and  Foster and Pullen  lanterns usually tapered and  originally sitting on top of a post . The proportions are always pretty much similar   the length of the lantern being double the width and the light source  coming  from the base because that was where the gas mantle would have been situated  . These lanterns are adaptable as  hanging and  bracket lanterns .

 In europe we see street lighting still using  lanterns  of all descriptions , more aesthetically pleasing than  the modern especially in older towns and villages . Always steel and painted black or graphite , the copper verdigris ones being rare these days .