Antique lighting for bedrooms , chintz revival

We have added a couple of antique chandeliers , part of our antique lighting range today  which would be perfect for bedrooms and country house use . Increasingly  we like to get away from the citys and rest our minds and bodies in the country or  at the seaside , for those of us lucky enough to actually live  in  the peace of the countryside, the influx of second homers brings stability to the economy of our country areas and dilutes the population adding new ideas and ways of doing stuff .

Norfolk is a great example of this and has embraced second homers  with gusto .  We sell loads of stuff to London clients but increaslingly those clients are turning back towards the more traditional lights and furniture but used sparingly in their second homes . Ive added a couple of lights to the site today which ( recently acquired)  I would not have bought two yrs ago , they are pretty  and well made and delightful and traditional .  Great for bedrooms and to go with the great Chintz revival  .