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Antique French giltwood chandelier

Code: 62401095
(approx $5199) 
H: 98cm (38.58in) W: 85cm (33.46in)

Pair of brass lamps and glass shades

Code: 6244115
(approx $533) 

Pretty Painted iron and cut glass chandelier

Code: 6289300
(approx $878) 
H: 76cm (29.92in) W: 56cm (22.05in)

Delightful small arts and crafts lantern

Code: 6175295
(approx $473) 
H: 50cm (19.69in) W: 20cm (7.87in)

Elegant grey and white Alabaster plafonnier

Code: 6146503
(approx $2154) 
H: 100cm (39.37in) W: 50cm (19.69in)

Art Nouveau galleried flame mahogany table

Code: 5656250
(approx $938) 
H: 76cm (29.92in) W: 90cm (35.43in) D: 86cm (33.86in)

Fabulous bronze 1920s hall lantern

Code: 6286367
H: 87cm (34.25in) W: 50cm (19.69in)

Pair of painted wrought iron outside lanterns

Code: 6283321
£1695.00 pair
(approx $2289) 
H: 68cm (26.77in) W: 38cm (14.96in) D: 30cm (11.81in)

Adjustable brass swing arm library lamp

Code: 6165170
(approx $1148) 
H: 160cm (62.99in) W: 40cm (15.75in)

Pair of bedside iron lamps with original half shades

Code: 6260115
H: 53cm (20.87in) W: 17cm (6.69in)

Mercury glass dressing mirror

Code: 6288350
H: 196cm (77.17in) W: 58cm (22.83in)

Gilt metal sunburst mirror

Code: 6287115
(approx $533) 
H: 64cm (25.20in) W: 64cm (25.20in)

Lucite and brass table by Pierre Vandel

Code: 6234428
(approx $1209) 
H: 40cm (15.75in) W: 110cm (43.31in) D: 58cm (22.83in)

Pair of silver plated floor lamps

Code: 5651124
£990.00 pair ex shades
(approx $1337) 
H: 165cm (64.96in) W: 25cm (9.84in)

French original converted oil lantern

Code: 6236428
H: 105cm (41.34in) W: 50cm (19.69in)

Pair of verdigris bronze hall lanterns

Code: 6157596
£2450.00 pair
(approx $3308) 
H: 58cm (22.83in) W: 32cm (12.60in)

Italian beaded chandelier with cut glass drops

Code: 62711000
(approx $3983) 
H: 106cm (41.73in) W: 80cm (31.50in)

Large 19th C Moroccan entrance hall lantern

Code: 5550351
(approx $2498) 
H: 100cm (39.37in) W: 40cm (15.75in)

Set of 3 circular gilded brass hall lanterns

Code: 6267214/6269214
£695.00 each
(approx $938) 
H: 50cm (19.69in) W: 23cm (9.06in)

Italian cut glass fairy tale chandelier

Code: 6229428
H: 106cm (41.73in) W: 85cm (33.46in)

Elegant hand forged gilded wrought iron chandelier

Code: 6243276
(approx $1823) 
H: 86cm (33.86in) W: 69cm (27.17in)

Large nickel two tier coffee table

Code: 5435244
(approx $1688) 
H: 40cm (15.75in) W: 137cm (53.94in) D: 69cm (27.17in)

Knoll butterfly chair

Code: 6242321
(approx $1073) 

Giltwood sunburst mirror

Code: 6241200
(approx $668) 
H: 50cm (19.69in) W: 50cm (19.69in)