Antique Lighting- French chandeliers

Antique lighting and  Antique chandeliers in particular  have  always been a part of  European  interior decoration  . Here in the Uk we embraced them in our large country houses and more recently in our Rectorys and modernised barn conversions , but the overall antique lighting stock  that we hold at Norfolk Decorative Antiques Ltd  originated from France ,Belgium and Italy .

French antique lighting is very  particular and often traditional with gilded brass frames and large cut glass drops called flats  , Belgian Antique lighting is similar but also encompases the Liege glass makers and often has a lighter  airier feel , but Belgian lighting can also be  clunky - large items  with broad  frames and a dark countenance , we  tend to avoid that sort of antique lighting  from the 1930s.

Italian antique lighting and Italian antique chandeliers are often in the tent and bag format  with  wire arms and tole decoration and beaded frames . Prettier  and more suited to bedrooms and bathrooms .  Murano  antique lighting of course is a category on its own and is self Explanatory .

We cannot now find the English antique chandeliers with which we started our career in the Antique lighting business,  but there are many English antique opaline lights , school antique lights and English  glass  hanging lights still to be found and of course lanterns .