Antique lighting - mid 20th C examples

 Antique lighting and chandeliers  - the term 'Antique'  refers generally to items over or around 100 years old  bringing in Edwardian and  early 20th C lighting  to that bracket , We do also stock a large quantity of lighting made from 1930- 1970  , not  reproduction lighting  ie not reglassed and not with factory made  brass frames  but more of the sort of individual designer pieces  or those with merit that we consider fits in to the category we have for Mid 20th C lighting  .  Antique lighting covers a very broad spectrum, antique chandeliers , antiquelanterns , antique wall lights , antique floor lamps etc .

 Norfolk Decorative Antiques have a large range of lighting which is either mid- century  designer or vintage and this compliments our antique items and provides the clients with greater choice, enabling us to sell more and keep prices lower .   Mid centry lighting is often Italian and dates 50s/60s   and the hanging lights we sell are often Dutch from 60s and 70s . All are repaired and sometimes remodelled to suit  21st century requirements  . We have an amazing workshop team who do this stuff day in day out, every day except Christmas Holidays when we close .   Below  I have listed a selection of mid century chandeliers and hanging lights , all of which are on our website presently