Antique lighting - hanging lights and plaffoniers

Plaffoniers  - in antique lighting terms   'ceiling lights'  which are not antique chandeliers and are generally fitted  close to the ceiling  . Often made from alabaster or glass  and bowl like in shape . The  correct spelling is actually Plafonniers , but  over the years the Plaffonier  spelling seems the most popular  .

Plaffoniers can also double as   antique chandeliers if they have arms but are usually used in  lower ceiling  or  bathroom environments  unless they are very grand .

Hanging  antique lights are what they say on the tin  - without arms and  not chandeliers but can be any sort of construction , design or style .

 Chandeliers are candle carrying lights which point upwards and any light that does not have upward pointing arms is not a chandelier  but will be  either a hanging light  or an electrolier  ( usually Edwardian with downward pointing lights )  or a Plaffonier .

Antique lighting is always representative of the period of technology that it sits in,    and because some  plaffoniers have arms they have been adapted as chandeliers   in the same way as gasoliers   have been .  Plaffoniers and hanging lights are generally newer  ie  early 20th C onwards  as they may lack the ability to carry candles or to have been  previously for gas  . In this respect of course we do not include lanterns  which area whole different category  .