Antique lighting - for outside

 We are always on the lookout for good quality porch , portico  and outside use lanterns and ships lights , the  brevity of these old items in the market place generally is because they have had wear and tear that is not repairable or that  their shape and  configuration do not conform to the wiring standards we need .

   Outside lighting needs to stay dry around the electrical parts and is wired with special cable . New outside lighting is IP rated rather in the way that bathroom lighting is  but often comes  from  countries where metal work standards are not high and its consequent life is short .  Outside lanterns need to be either fixed to a wall   or on a bracket or  on a loop  , if the latter they must not swing in the wind . Good drainage is vital  so that if water gets into the body of the lantern then it  can drain out. Long life bulbs are best used outside  and fitments should be

regularly checked .

 Pesently we have some  lanterns that are  for outside or for porch use  - 'Porch lanterns' means that ideally the top of the lantern is covered , 'Portico lanterns' similarly   though usually with these there are open sides to the building in which the lantern is situated . Colonade lanterns are for under  a walkway which is covered but open at the front but protected from the weather .

 Most lanterns  have steel back plates and are painted white inside or have white ceiling reflectors , sometimes these are damaged or removed and in which case  the lantern is  bare of  either verdigris finish or paintwork , we usually( in these cases) paint the lantern inside with grey paint to relect the light . 

 Lanterns with a  slim framework and pagoda tops in various patters are  the most sought after  but because of the slim metal work they are often in a poor state . We are very careful . You may well pay a little more for your antique outside lantern but it will be a thing of beauty and  history and  hopefully last as long as you need it without calling an electrician  after every  phase of  bad weather .