Antique lighting - Christmas floor lamps

More books and kindles get sold around Christmas time ,  a book is a gift for life  and at Christmas we all have a little more time to read .

 Our antique lighting range has always had  quantities of different styles of floor lamps , swing arms , swan arms and  what used to be called standard lamps . The swing arm library lights (currently undergoing a bit of a renaisance)  have arms which swing  outward by around 40 cms  and adjustable heights  usually  betwwen 120 cms and 150 cms . The swan arm  French reading lamps also have adjustable heights of  130cms  to 160 cms  and  they also have adjustable shade positions ,  this style the light point downwards  straight onto your book , kindle or newspaper and the lamps stands very close to a chair or sofa . The swing arm lights  have a shade  which sits atop the arm giving light both up and down and so they are good for darker corners .  Standard lamps  are useful in large rooms , providing a lighting focal point .

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