Antique Lanterns

We stock genuine Antique Lanterns. Established in 1991, Norfolk Decorative Antiques are a leading purveyor of the highest quality Antique Lanterns, which are restored by our experienced restorers at our showroom in Norfolk, UK. Our Antique Lantern stock includes pairs and sets of lanterns, brass and copper lanterns and many others.

Pair of verdigris bronze hall lanterns

Code: 6157596
£2450.00 pair
(approx $3308) 
H: 58cm (22.83in) W: 32cm (12.60in)

Large 19th C Moroccan entrance hall lantern

Code: 5550351
(approx $2498) 
H: 100cm (39.37in) W: 40cm (15.75in)

Large Louis XV1 style gilt metal country house lantern

Code: 4939283
(approx $2363) 
H: 79cm (31.10in) W: 45cm (17.72in)

Pair of painted wrought iron outside lanterns

Code: 6283321
£1695.00 pair
(approx $2289) 
H: 68cm (26.77in) W: 38cm (14.96in) D: 30cm (11.81in)

Large Blakeney Lantern -Bespoke Item

(approx $2228) 
H: 80cm (31.50in) W: 63cm (24.80in)

Fabulous bronze 1920s hall lantern

Code: 6286367
H: 87cm (34.25in) W: 50cm (19.69in)

Italian Colonnade lantern

Code: 5639550
(approx $1958) 
H: 90cm (35.43in) W: 52cm (20.47in)

Arts and crafts antique lantern

Code: 3310325
(approx $1553) 
H: 88cm (34.65in) W: 37cm (14.57in)

Wiveton Lantern - bespoke item

(approx $1553) 
H: 63cm (24.80in) W: 34cm (13.39in)

Stylish nickel plated 1930s hall lantern

Code: 6069370
(approx $1283) 
H: 48cm (18.90in) W: 24cm (9.45in)

French original converted oil lantern

Code: 6236428
H: 105cm (41.34in) W: 50cm (19.69in)

Set of 3 circular gilded brass hall lanterns

Code: 6267214/6269214
£695.00 each
(approx $938) 
H: 50cm (19.69in) W: 23cm (9.06in)

Delightful small arts and crafts lantern

Code: 6175295
(approx $473) 
H: 50cm (19.69in) W: 20cm (7.87in)