Antique Hanging Lights

Antique Hanging Lights and Lanterns provided by Norfolk Decorative Antiques. Together with traditional Antique Hanging Lights this section also includes items such as industrial pendants, canopied hanging lights, and mid 20th Century Antique Lights

Large and fabulous Italian crystal hanging light

Code: 60551900
H: 130cm (51.18in) W: 70cm (27.56in)

Perfect pair of Kinkeldey chandeliers

Code: 6082375
H: 32cm (12.60in) W: 60cm (23.62in)

Elegant grey and white Alabaster plafonnier

Code: 6146503
(approx $2154) 
H: 100cm (39.37in) W: 50cm (19.69in)

French original converted oil lantern

Code: 6236428
H: 105cm (41.34in) W: 50cm (19.69in)

2 sets of 6 copper hanging lights

Code: 6173420
£650.00 set of 6
(approx $878) 
H: 20cm (7.87in) W: 18cm (7.09in)

Set of 2 Muller Fres Luneville plafonniers

Code: 4427147
£595.00 PAIR
(approx $803) 
H: 10cm (3.94in) W: 36cm (14.17in)

Pair of pleated ceramic hanging lights

Code: 5890150
£420.00 pair
(approx $567) 
H: 22cm (8.66in) W: 20cm (7.87in)

Graded Opal Dutch spheres

Code: 4977160/4988150
£390.00 each inc plate wire and ceiling plate
(approx $527) 
H: 35cm (13.78in)

Ceramic 1920s rise and fall antique light

(approx $338) 
H: 80cm (31.50in) W: 26cm (10.24in)