Antique Chandeliers `iron maidens`

Over the years iron chandeliers acquire a patina -sometimes rusty, somtimes flakey paint, sometimes just old wax which gives them a really ancient feel and makes then sutable for Elizabethan houses, barn conversions, Georgian manors and castles!

Wrought iron was often quite delicately cast and drawn and the decorations can be quite precise, often decorated  with tole (tin) which would have been gilded or gold painted or simply left very plain, it is the simplicity of outline and the fact that all of them look good with beeeswax candles or with electric candles that attracts us.
Usually cheaper than glass armed or gilded brass chandeliers they are by no means the poor mans option. Many have quite some antiquity particularly the simplest, and with others the removal of the Victorian or Napoleon flumery leaving the frames free to show off their structure is an added bonus.
We currently have 4 really good ones