Antique & 20C Seating

This section includes Antique Chairs, Antique Sofas, stools, together with items for the Garden and other items of Antique Furniture

Stylish comfortable mid century pair of chairs

Code: 5555351
£1900.00 £2850.00
(approx $2566) 
H: 90cm (35.43in) W: 90cm (35.43in) D: 52cm (20.47in)

Stylish pair of Italian armchairs

Code: 5535390
£1765.00 £2650.00 pair
(approx $2383) 
H: 87cm (34.25in) W: 80cm (31.50in) D: 50cm (19.69in)

Comfortable pair of mid century Italian armchairs

Code: 5402581
£1650.00 £2450.00
(approx $2228) 
H: 80cm (31.50in) W: 73cm (28.74in) D: 56cm (22.05in)

Impressive pair of large arm chairs

Code: 4141450
£1565.00 £2350.00 pair
(approx $2113) 
H: 120cm (47.24in) W: 68cm (26.77in) D: 53cm (20.87in)

Napoleon 111 Armchair

Code: 4585161
£865.00 £1300.00
(approx $1168) 
H: 95cm (37.40in) W: 68cm (26.77in) D: 60cm (23.62in)

Pair of 19th C window seats

Code: 4497432
H: 63cm (24.80in) W: 68cm (26.77in) D: 37cm (14.57in)

Knoll butterfly chair

Code: 6242321
(approx $1073) 

19th C naive hall bench

Code: 4945300
H: 75cm (29.53in) W: 105cm (41.34in) D: 38cm (14.96in)

Walnut French armchair

H: 103cm (40.55in) W: 70cm (27.56in) D: 52cm (20.47in)

Set of three Bar stools by Rob Mulholland

Code: 3/ST
£160.00 each
(approx $216) 
H: 104cm (40.94in) W: 40cm (15.75in)

Pair of French caned seat side chairs

H: 88cm (34.65in) W: 44cm (17.32in) D: 38cm (14.96in)